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Quick reminders:

  1. LOL is a per-page service by choice. We do not charge per word, or per hour, but simple per-page rate of R42 per page. All research papers must be submitted with an accurate page count. Please count all pages being sent for editing: front materials, text, back materials.
  2. A reminder that an average double-spaced page is approximately 250-275 words. LOL reserves the right to double check the word count if concerned about the length. If your average word count per page is more than the standard 250-275 words per page, be in touch with Language Online for an equivalent page count. Do not try to abuse the system by sneaking in more words than allowed.
  3. Files must be in MS Word format.
  4. All documents will be returned with tracked changes.
  5. Payment method twofold:
    • Deposit at the bank and fax proof of payment
    • Internet transfer and fax proof of payment
  6. After submitting your document for editing, you will be taken to a thank you page with the banking details. But you can also see thebanking details on the Submit | Banking Details page for fax and banking details.
  7. No hidden fees: If not a standard 250-275 words per text page, divide your word count by 275 and get the equivalent number of pages for the pages with text. Then add the page count for the figures and tables and front and back matter. Or as suggested, ask Language Online to give you an equivalent page count.

You are probably ready to submit your payment. Use the above Submit menu and click on Academic Edit Submission OR Click Here to go to the submission form.

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