Do you assist in any way with the content of my work?

Yes and No.

NO: Most people opt for a copy edit at R42 per page. This is your work: all about academic integrity. We do however help you improve your expression and give guidance on how to structure your information. If the logic and flow do not work, this will be corrected where possible or pointed out for you to correct. Where there are obvious gaps in content, these too will be pointed out.

YES: if you select to have a content edit rather than a copy edit, we can assist. But no writing will be done for you. This costs R160 per page and is a process of up to 3 edits. It is a process of discussion through to a final copy edit: 3 phases for the the R160. Copy edits cost R42 per page and are once off. Content edits can only be done after consulting directly with Desray J Britz from the Contact Us page. I will decide whether YOU WILL BENEFIT from a content edit. I have to be sure you will bring your share to the table and are not thinking we will write the research for you.