When should I submit my work? How many times must I submit? Can I submit in sections?

  • Submit whenever you want to at whatever stage you want to. Time and money often determine the frequency Smile.
  • Best results are achieved when:
    • you submit each chapter as you have written it
    • also submit at two crucial stages: full proposal and full dissertation.
  • Multiple edits offer a better chance of finding everything that needs changing and accommodating any suggestions from your supervisor/chair, your committee, your review board, and of course the final examiners.
  • Consistency across an entire document and correct formatting with all the fiddly crosschecks can only be done with full documents like the proposal and the dissertation: that includes front pages, chapters, and back pages.
  • We generally advise not editing bits and pieces of a bigger document. Not productive in the long run.
  • Often we work with students over a number of years. Without fail, working together long term is an amazing process for us.

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