How long will it take to return my paper? I have 68 pages?

Easy to calculate

  • Allow 1 day for admin purposes: receiving document, placing document, doubling checking document, returning document.
  • Allow 10 pages per day for the first 100 pages.
    • So, for example, for 68 pages: 7 + 1 = 8 days.
  • Allow for 15 pages from page 101 onwards.
    • So if you had 146 pages: 10 + 3 +1 = 14 days.

In  reality we work at between 15-20 pages a day. The extra time is to read the text more than once, do lots of crosschecks, and check the formatting. We simply average it out so that you can calculate the time accurately and not expect miracles from the editor.

If an editor finishes early, any time saving is passed on to the student. We will return early. But never bank on it. It only happens occasionally.