• Formatting & General Requirements   ( 3 Articles )

    Do you cover formatting?
    Do you know my universities requirements?
    What must I send other than my paper for editing?

  • Sample Paper and Tracked Changes   ( 2 Articles )

    Can you send me a sample of your work?
    I am wondering if you track changes or if you just make the changes without any comments?

  • Fees and Timing   ( 2 Articles )

    What are your fees?
    How long will it take to return my paper? I have 68 pages?

  • Guarantees and Re-Edits   ( 2 Articles )

    Do you guarantee your work?
    Do you re-edit for free until accepted?

  • How to Pay and Submit   ( 4 Articles )

    How do I pay? Can I pay in installments?
    When should I submit my work? How many times must I submit? Can I submit in sections?
    How do I submit or where do I submit?
    Do you take credit card payments?

  • Returning of Work   ( 3 Articles )

    How is the finished work delivered to me?
    Can the work be delivered any faster?
    Can only a portion of a longer document like a thesis or dissertation be edited?

  • Confidentiality and Ethics   ( 4 Articles )

    What is the policy about confidentiality?
    Is it ethical to obtain writing help for academic work?
    Why will LOL not write my academic paper? Other websites offer this service?
    Do you assist in any way with the content of my work?

  • Contact Method   ( 1 Article )

    Click the above link to contact Desray J Britz.

  • Pdf Info Files   ( 1 Article )

    Downloadable Pdf files for information.

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