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How do I go about paying for my work?

Submission of your document and payment should be done at about the same time to avoid delays.
You have 2 choices:
  • Pay at the bank
  • Pay electronically: via internet. The internet is much faster and in fact very safe these days.
Banking details:
  • Absa Bank
  • Language Online
  • Account number: 9141945887
  • Branch code: 632005

Both will need you to fax proof of payment before editing will commence. 0215315034 or 0865124515 (the 086 number better along with an email).

Be sure to email to tell me payment done so I can go check the bank and tell me which fax number you used.

Installments only for regular clients and only by special arrangement and actually very rarely done. I prefer to focus on the work and not on chasing the money.

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