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Do you re-edit for free until accepted?


Each edit is charged independently. Writing is not an exact science. Each edit will improve your work; hence each edit needs to be paid for. Each edit takes time to complete. Think of sweeping leaves.

First time round you catch about 80% of the leaves. You know you need to sweep again. In the meantime more leaves continue to fall. Now you have to sweep the new leaves and the remaining 20% all tucked away in corners. You sweep again and with intense dedication get to 99%. Amazing.

The same applies to editing. A first reading will be a really big improvement. A second reading is really essential to get to all the corners and to deepen the work. And of course, you will have to make changes as well and probably introduced new errors and those too will need checking. I repeat, editing takes time if done well, irrespective of whether a first, a second, or even a third reading.

And quick reminder from me: Send your most recent document. Be sure to have done everything you can to make it the best you can do on your own. Then anything we edit, adds to your work and is not what you could have done in the first place. Editing is in fact a process: not a once-off product. One can only improve a document from the stage it is at. Poor to average. Average to good. Good to excellent. Excellent to outstanding. No going from poor to outstanding in one jump. To improve incrementally/in jumps, repeated paid-for edits are needed.

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