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Desray J Britz

CEO of Language Online, from 2003desray1

Desray and the start of the company

I spent 20 years in the classroom, teaching English andMaths, and counselling students, faculty and caregivers, and studying part-time as needed. Then came the desire to be less tied down. I worked with an educational NGO, teaching young adults in poorer communities. A most rewarding experience. This allowed time for other interests including increased freelance editing with the educational publishing houses. I started reviewing for the University of Phoenix Language Lab (in the US) in Sept 2002. In Nov 2002 the lab faculty requested I develop a team of reviewers to assist their students with their language for their online platform. So in Dec 2002 training started and the first team members began reviewing in Jan 2003. Language Online was officially launched .

The growth of the company

Within 6 months 50+ reviewers were assisting UOPhx students. Within the year, a post-graduate reviewing and editing service was developed for UOPhx students. Since everything happens online, it was simply natural that the service became available to others. Students can access the editing service from the website or universities can take on a service or have a custom service developed for a group of their students. LOL has worked extensively with students and tertiary institutions in the US and Canada, but as far afield as Europe, China, Hong Kong, Korea, South Africa, Nigeria, Peru, Mexico, Hawaii. We are now familiar with numerous e-platforms like Blackboard and run our own e-classroom for certain projects.

Our focus

From day one, the policy was to put the control in the client’s hands: be that the student, researcher, university, or business. Timing and payment structures are clear and stated upfront and adhered to. Everyone knows upfront what to expect. No delays and no unexpected extra costs. Hence the focus can be on producing solid work together.

The team

At any one time, there are a number of subteams focused on different projects and aspects of LOL’s services. All team members are native English speakers, with degrees ranging from bachelor’s degrees, through to master’s and doctoral degrees. They represent a variety of professional backgrounds including business, government, education, health, law, science, and the liberal arts.  All have classroom experience and/or an editing background. The subject specialties vary and the team literally has hundreds of years of combined experience. LOL team members are trained in LOL online methods and are thus skilled online editors. They particularly understand the needs of and are trained to work with returning adult and ESL students. LOL training is ongoing with regular quality checks in place. Technology means team members are in direct contact with each other and the office at all times. Online is online, and geographic location is irrelevant. The LOL ethos is about team work. Whether part time or full time, we support each other 100%. The team is ever-growing and changing, but many of the original 2003 team are still onboard.


A large team means that editing services are available virtually 24/7. It also ensures that editors can stay together with the client for the length of a project. This ensures continuity for students, researchers, or business people and allows for steady incremental improvement to written work when needed. For example: post-graduate editing could be a 2-4-year journey together; editing for business by an individual or dedicated team means consistency; undergrad contact could be for as long as the degree takes.

Support structures

No CEO or team can function without an amazing support team. There are project managers, office assistants, PAs, the IT team, accounts: Desray and John head the team.

Being in touch

I, Desray, welcome all contact. Email is usually best. Simply go to the Contact Us page and be in email contact with me. As an online service, I encourage email first. We just seem to be speedier with emails than with phone calls. Always wise to allow a 24-hour response time though, and simply to email again if no response. Cyber contact can have its non-functioning moments. If really urgent, then call.

To make first contact, or send your questions, comments, concerns, positive feedback, and testimonials, email from the Contact Us page or reply to any email contact with LOL. Always check the FAQs first. They contain most answers.

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